Local Marketing and Advertising

Reach Customers Locally

At CustomerPulse360 we have created a unique platform for local businesses to reach customers in their target area. Say you are a local hair salon and you want to reach potential customers in a 2 mile radius. CustomerPulse360 may have kiosks placed at a gym within that 2 mile radius. You can become an advertiser, and for pennies a day run an advertisement about your store at that gym and get your business name in front of thousands of people who live and work in your area.

Show your Ad two different ways:

As a Screen Saver Ad

When the tablets are not in use they will switch to screen saver mode, displaying advertiser pictures and messages. You can choose to display your advertisement in this mode as show in the video below.

As part of the Thank You page

We always remember to thank the customer at the end of the survey. We have created an ad spot on this page. As an advertiser you can choose to put your message and logo here as shown.

So how much does it cost?

The quick answer is not much. Its pennies for the day. Please contact us directly so we can understand your special marketing requirements and recommend the best plan.