Example of a customer satisfaction survey.

On The Spot Customer Experience Measurement

Measure. Improve. Grow.

Ask customers what their experiences were like at your store. See your business through the eyes of your customer.

Don’t let potential customers walk out of the store without giving them the chance to connect with you through email, text or social media.

Market promotions, deals, coupons, sales, new products to customers in your store.

Collect testimonials before your customer walks out of your store.

It’s really quite simple. We believe that businesses who serve customers face to face should be measuring customer experience. Without knowing how customers think, feel, react to the service, a store manager is pretty much working in the dark. Will the customer return? Will they refer their friends and family? Worse of all, will they write damaging commentary on social media? If a new service or product is introduced, how are customers reacting to it? The questions are endless but they are often brushed under the carpet because it’s simply too much trouble or too expensive to try and figure out the answers.

At CustomerPulse360 our objective is to remove much of the uncertainty that surrounds the question, how are my customers feeling about my services? Using simple tools you can ask your customers what you would like to know about their experiences while they are still in your store. You don’t need to chase them on emails, apps or phone calls after they have left. Ask them there and then, in 2 to 3 simple questions. And then use our analytics to tweak, change, and nudge your business in the direction that increases customer loyalty, reduces negative commentary on social media and ultimately improves your revenue.

Our solution also provides ways of connecting with your customer while they are in your store. Imagine this. You are a restaurant and you use the freshest ingredients to prepare your food. Most customers would appreciate knowing this. It may go in their decision to support you as a local business. Our tools and services provide you an opportunity to communicate to your customers something about your store through colorful pictures and messaging on Kiosks placed strategically in your store. Check out our services here and kiosks here.

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